Get Further Income Making Homemade Panetones

Make and Promote Homemade Panetones operating at your home up coming for your household and complement your Earnings with earnings up to US$ one,000.00!

System Material
My name is Thais Mello, creator of Make-and-Sell College, teacher and entrepreneur in your own home!
I understand that normally just one supply of cash flow is just not adequate to meet the demands of a residence.

Consequently, my daily life goal would be to support as many people as is possible have a source of additional income, doing work at home, alongside the family members, and turning out to be self-reliant.
In this course you are going to find out how to create and Sell TASTY AND SOFT PIESTERS!

You will find Far more THAN 16 VIDEOULAS WITH STEP-BY-STEP!

Module 01: Homemade Panettone
• Creating the ideal Dough: Component 01
• Producing an ideal Dough: Part 02

Module 02: Creating the Fillings
• Nest Milk Brigantine Filling
• Brigadier Filling
• Nutella Cream Filling
• Chocolate Ganache Filling

Module 03: Stuffed Panetones
• Chocotone from Ganache with Strawberry
• Chocotone from Nest with Nutella
•    Chocotone truffled
• Well-Married or Sweet-milk Panettone
• Bis and Classic Panettone

Module 04: Mini Panetones
• The best way to Make Panetones while in the Pot
• 100g Mini Panetones

Module 05: Pricing
• Find out how to make use of the Pricing Worksheet

BONUS: The best way to Sell
• Facebook: Making a Sales Web page
• Facebook: How to Advertise Free of charge in Groups
• Facebook: The best way to Improve Your Product sales with Paid Adverts
• WhatsApp: Generating Groups for Sales

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